When Art and Technology Collide

A unique collaboration between Georgia Tech researchers, the Office of the Arts and a Los Angeles-based performing artist is exploring how artists and technologists can work together.

The Office of the Arts recently hosted a series of workshops as part of the Creative Collisions project to learn about engineering and technology creative processes, and to share their own methods.


Collision of Creatives: Katherine Helen Fisher and IPaT

Exploring the collision of art and technology at Georgia Tech this weekend are mixed media artist and choreographer Katherine Helen Fisher and technologists from the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center and the Interactive Media Technology Center. They will explore how each group can learn to better communicate and work together in their respective fields. 


when art & technology collide

“Both artists and technologists are very creative,” said Laura Levy, Creative Collisions principal investigator and Interactive Media Technology Center research scientist. “They describe their processes very differently as you can imagine, but there’s also a lot of commonalities, particularly iterative design. So trying something out, seeing if it works, then improving on it is something that is shared between both of these groups.”